Cloud Terrace

Photo courtesy of caoperrotstudio.com
"Cloud Terrace takes the form of a hand‐sculpted wire mesh cloud suspended over the terrace and embellished with 10,000 genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS water‐drop crystals mirrored in a reflecting pool. The Arbor Terrace is one of the most modified spaces in the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens. Originally designed by Beatrix Farrand in the early 1930s as a simple rectangular herb garden bordered on the west by a wisteria‐covered arbor and on the east and north by a hedge of Kieffer pears, it was refashioned by Farrand’s former associate Ruth Havey in the 1950s as a pot garden centered on a Rococo‐style parterre with low, Doria stone parapet walls. The space can be hot and bright; cao | perrot’s installation is a response to these conditions, extending the shade of the arbor across the terrace and animating the space inside the parterre with an oval pool surrounded by pebbles. (1)

The project was supported by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, who provided the crystals used for the installation. It was organized by John Beardsley, Director of Garden and Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, and Gail Griffin, Director of Gardens."
Dumbarton Oaks Press Release (March 28, 2012)(1)

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC
cao | perrot studio with J.P. Paull (Bodega Architecture)
Wire mesh, steel posts, cut crystals SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, reflecting pond, plants(1)


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