Nursery Landscapes

Gerco de Ruijter provides us with some fabulous examples of alterting the perspective of a landscape to help redefine, understand, and admire its beauty. The power of a formal grid of planting suggests a blending of mankind's overtly simplistic understanding of order with the dynamic chaos of the living.

de Ruijter asks: "How abstract can a landscape become while remaining a landscape?" Perhaps there is a better question: "At what point does our fascination with monocultures overwhelm our landscape?"

Or maybe that is what he meant by abstraction.

It seems as though de Ruijter is defining "landscape" as "nature", both of which are loaded terms and begs a much larger discussion.

Maybe that is also what he meant by abstraction.

The image below represents what de Ruijter depiction of a grid planting that has overgrown its confined arrangement (at least from above).

Stay tuned for images from (a)bioitic of a forgotten tree farm near Valle Crucis, North Carolina.

All images courtesy of Gerco de Ruijter. For more of his work, visit:


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