Hopscotch Crosswalk

Photo courtesy of NPR.org
We saw this on the NPR blog and thought we would pass along. The street crossings adjacent to the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore of are now equipped with four different games of hopscotch.1

Photo courtesy of NPR.org
The Baltimore Sun reports that the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts' (BOP) has set out on an effort to put art in public spaces. In another part of town, for example, another artist designed a crosswalk that looked like a giant zipper opening. 1

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts
Tracy Baskerville, a spokeswoman for BOP, made it clear that safety concerns have been addressed:
"We did work with a review panel including a representative from the Department of Transportation to approve the designs for the Crosswalk Project. We think it is always nice for residents to engage public art; however all pedestrians need to be mindful of the traffic, crosswalk signals and traffic lights."1
Check out these other cool crosswalks!

Piano Key crosswalk: Milwaukee's East Town neighborhood Kilbourn and Jefferson Streets and Wells and Jefferson Streets.2
Photo: P. Adams

Photo: P. Adams

© Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris

© Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris

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  1. These are great. Some of them look like there is a piano on the streets. Lovely post it. I really like it. Thanks for sharing this with us all.