Yes, Handbags, But What Else?

Photo courtesy of Tesler Mendelovitch
Recently we discovered this post on one of our favorite sites, Materia. Innovation for Design at different scales comes from inspiration at multiple scales. The handbags from Tesler Mendelovitch got the gears turning in our heads...how can this be used in architecture? in the landscape?

The principle for the Tesler Mendelvotich work is visible in a range of work based on what the designers call ‘diamond wood’ geometric surface finishing. The wood-textile fusion, similar to materials such as Foldtex, has led to plinths, pedestals and small tables. Recently, this work branched out into wearable pieces. The advantage of the wood-textile combination here is that it answers to users’ requirements. As an example, clutch purses made from the material provide the necessary resilience and hear-wearing attributes, while also being flexible and soft to the touch.1

Photo courtesy of Tesler Mendelovitch

Photo courtesy of Tesler Mendelovitch

The studio has settled on a few designs, incorporation various types of wood that suit the design type well. Although the process is not visible, the resulting forms are the result of many generations of design refinement and testing. Tesler Mendelovitch experiments with wood, cutting, folding and bending.1

With any material, but especially with wood, it takes time to understand the material. The particular lesson here is that working on the scale of the material itself – small panels of lightweight wood – allows the designer to learn from the wood.1  The applications of lessons learned from these microscale creations have yet to be discovered...maybe you can send us your ideas!

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