MIT: "Free" Education For All

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So we were really excited when we read about MIT's Open CourseWare (OCW), a web-based publication of an array of MIT course content. OCW is open and available to the world (as long as you have an internet connection) and is a permanent MIT activity.  You can find more of the particulars here:

We have been weeding around a couple of fields of interest, namely Anthropology, Linguistics and Philosphy, Architecture, and Urban Planning.  It is truthfully fairly sparse and you have to did through a lot to find any useful content.  Reading a professor's notes on a class are only as good as the particular's professor's need for elaborate notes.  Those who need only a sparse reminder of what to talk about only provide a sparse inkling of what they talked about during that lecture.

As with any academic pursuit, this site in itself is not, and cannot be the sole source for material.  It is innately flawed and innately brilliant at the same time.  Having said that, OCW along with TEDTalks, and YouTube's EDU provide a well rounded, so called, "Free" university education.

Check it out, and GET TO CLASS!

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