Measure for Measure

A clever "Tree Tape" by designer Nitipak Samsen offers a unique perspective on carbon sequestration for some of our favorite American activities.  It’s a simple measurement tool that you print out and wrap around a tree near you.
For you tree nerds out there, this tool is kind of basic.  The online tool provides a dropdown menu tha lets you choose from only three tree type categories:  rainforest, native hardwood and softwood.  We know from Dendrology class that those monikers are all but useless in truly defining the differences in tree types. But what is truly fun about this tool is the subcategories that let you know such things as, the number of cheeseburgers your local tree helps to offset.

Samsen writes:
Ever wondered how much CO2 absorbed in a tree? And how much is how much?
In the process of developing the BuyProduct project, I designed a tree measuring tape for children.

This tape translates how much CO2 absorbed in the tree into the amount of activities rather than grams of CO2, e.g. 1 hour on a flight or 2 days of breathing.

Since then I received quite a few interests wanted to use it in schools. So I decided to make it available for public to create and try it for themselves.

I’ve made a web app, user selects the tree type and the activity, it will create the PDF which will be printed, cut, glued and ready to try.

Download your own here.

One has to wonder: is the measure of the paper, glue, ink, and electricity required to make the tape is factored into the measure?

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