re-compose: iPark Memorial Competition Winner

(a) biotic's conceptual design for a memorial space at iPark, titled Re-compose, was a winner of a design competition held by the iPark Foundation and was showcased at the Thanatopolis Exhibition in East Haddam, CT on October 9, 2010. (a)biotic was honored to contribute to this important space and aid in revolutionizing the way we remember the deceased. Below is an excerpt describing the exhibition from the iPark website and the corresponding narrative that (a)biotic submitted along with the conceptual drawings can be found on the page "what has (a)biotic done recently".

The Thanatopolis Exhibition

The Thanatopolis Exhibition on Saturday, October 9, 2010 is an inter-disciplinary art project. It is intended to showcase – visually and aurally – new and interesting ways to re-imagine our culture’s, and our personal, relationship to death, memory and memorialization. The Exhibition will foreshadow the look and feel of a future memorial park on the I-Park grounds.

 I-Park is soliciting proposals that will advance the Thanatopolis project, including concepts that address specific commission elements. But proposals are also welcome that respond to the spirit of the Thanatopolis project in ways perhaps as yet unforeseen.

Memorial-themed proposals will be evaluated by a distinguished Selection Panel on the basis of creativity, cultural relevance, site responsiveness, feasibility and efficacy in evoking, nurturing and attenuating memory.

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